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Biografía The course of the disease is individually very different and about 25 percent of those affected experience only a boost. On the other hand, the change of phases with different strengths or missing activity is typical. An outbreak best shampoo for dermatitis in the child's age is very rare, in contrast to eczema, usually between the ages of 20 and 30 years, occasionally also in puberty. The skin changes are often found in mechanically stressed body sites where the skin is often stretched. This is followed by increased keratinization by premature and intensified renewal of the uppermost skin layer.

Due to the excess of new skin cells, the old skin scales excessively, forming silvery or waxy deposits on the affected areas, the characteristic redness of which is due to the strong blood flow through the increased cell activity. Infections are a possible complication. Even if the disease is not always associated with pain or itching, the often large areas of skin patches present an immense strain, which can lead to a strong mental stress on the affected persons; this aspect is only slowly becoming aware of physicians and relatives.


Both diseases are characterized by a complex interplay of numerous factors.

Neurodermatitis: Genetic, environmental and immunological events play a role in this atopic disease, which should not be confined to the term "allergy". In addition to the presumed genetic disposition treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, a skin injury (breakthrough of the barrier) must occur at the beginning, which triggers an immune reaction. In small children, an autoimmune reaction is also discussed as a trigger. If secondary infection occurs subsequently, the reaction of the immune system is further intensified and the symptoms can worsen.

Now the skin of the affected person reacts overwhelmingly to a number of possible provocation factors (stimuli, allergies, UV light, stress or microorganisms). Psoriasis: To the hereditary disposition comes a malfunction of the immune system; as a trigger strong physical or psychological stress or hormonal upheavals such as pregnancy or puberty. Also cure seborrheic dermatitis, skin irritants such as friction and sunglasses as well as certain drugs and cosmetics can trigger the disease or a thrust. Overweight, stress and alcohol abuse are also negative.

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